Our Vision

At Conti Law, we treat your family like they are our own.


We are firm believers that services should be accessible and affordable to all. Our team will sit with you in your home to cover life’s most sensitive topics at your kitchen table, just like another member of the family.  Sharing time in the comfort of your home gives us a rare insight to our clients’ overall goals and concerns, permitting us to better help meet their unique needs. Should you choose to join us in the office, we can meet at Michele’s grandmother’s kitchen table, with wobbly legs and all. 


Regardless of age or net worth, it is essential that everyone prepare themselves for the unknown and eventualities of live by exploring: powers of attorney, estate planning and elder law along with tax law. We rather our clients have the documents and not need them rather than need them and not have them.    



As a Senior Care Advocate, I have had the opportunity to work with many Elder Law Attorneys. It is a special practice and requires a great deal of compassion and patience.

Michele Conti is truly a stellar example of what it takes to be a reputable and approachable Elder Law Attorney.


Not only does she have the utmost integrity, she also understands the specials needs of individuals with physical and cognitive challenges. The fact that she will visit them, whether it be in a nursing facility or at home, is in and of itself a huge relief for my clients. Her knowledge and honesty are just a few of things that she has been gifted with.


Wendy Long, Senior Care Advocate & Owner

of Solutions for Independence Senior Care



It was so easy working with Conti Law – a few phone calls, a meeting in my kitchen to sign the documents and I was done. Something so stressful for me was made simple and I never had to leave my house. I highly recommend Conti Law to anyone wanting this process to be easy.


Toni Malacki, Client