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2 Reasons We Procrastinate About Estate Planning

My clients are intelligent people. What stops them from initially reaching out to me when they begin having thoughts and ideas about planning for their future?

The uncertainty of our futures – whether it be an unexpected illness or death, even the idea of living to the age of 95 is intimidating. We’ve all heard the old adage by Benjamin Franklin, “Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?” Benjamin Franklin may not have been thinking about your last will and testament but Pablo Picasso was when he said, “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”

So why do we often times refuse and hesitate to make that call?
Fear? Certainly.
Cost? More likely.

Most people think the cost of hiring an attorney to sit down and discuss their goals, and to answer their questions is expensive. So naturally hiring one to draft your estate plan must cost a fortune.

However, this is not necessarily true. When a potential client reaches out during that first phone call to schedule a consultation, often times they’re surprised that not only will I sit with them for an hour but I’ll also come to their home and conduct a complimentary consultation.

Why would I do this?

I truly believe that having the information laid out in front of you, without any pressure, is the gentle push that most of my clients need. We all know that one day our time will come so why not be as prepared as we can be?

Another reason some people procrastinate is because they were raised not to discuss money. Money is a taboo topic. Even though I’m a proponent of open communication, if a client is directly opposed to a family “meeting of the minds”, I recommend that they at least create a plan so that when family does get involved, as they inevitably will, the process is as simple and seamless as possible.

I’ve also heard that hiring an attorney is a waste unless there’s millions and millions of dollars on the table. I don’t agree. Regardless if you worked your entire life to save one hundred thousand dollars, or one hundred million dollars, take pride in the fact that if planned for correctly, you’ll be able to leave your family a legacy.

Why leave it up to chance or the state to decide who receives your assests when you die?

Let’s take the initiative together and begin taking the necessary steps to ensure your family not only has their wonderful memories when you pass but also that legacy you worked so hard to create.

Think of what Picasso said, “Are you willing to die having left this undone?” Call me at (724) 203-0163 to get started with your complimentary consultation.